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Zengin Media Gives Back

Making a difference and offering a helping hand in our community is what ZenGin Media is all about. Our friends at Reed's Relief know that better than anybody. That's why we are committed to donating a portion of our profits each year to these deserving folks.

Reed's Relief
Reed's Relief provides comfort in the form of gifts, information, and services to families coping with children in intensive care. For the children, anything that can make their stay easier may help them heal faster. For the families, the stress and exhaustion generated by seeing their children so sick can damage their own health, so anything that eases their mind and emotions will allow them to do what needs to be done during the ordeal.

To learn more about Reed's Relief you can go to their Facebook page, or you can email them directly at We hope that you will give your aid to this worthy cause and join us in helping others.

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