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How does it work?
Zengin Media has partnered with industry leaders in both the HD television industry as well as the digital signage software industry to develop a specialized offering that delivers High-Definition Lifestyle Enlightenment. Zengin Media's digital signage packages are web-based solutions that are highly flexible and utilize the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

When Zengin Media partners with a customer, Zengin Media provides the customer with customized digital signage hardware/software that connects to the Zengin Media central processing center via the Internet. By utilizing Zengin Media's Partner Web Portal, customers are given the flexibility to directly upload community and location based advertisements which will update the customized programming schedule in real-time.

Zengin Media Technology

Zengin Media Partner Web Portal
The Zengin Media Partner Web Portal was designed to provide Zengin Media partners with a means to upload community and location based advertisements in an easy and efficient manner.  Partners also have the flexibility to modify particular scheduling options and to request support from Zengin Media.  Additionally, Zengin Media partners are able to view vital statistics showing how many times certain ads ran which will help to measure the ROI for each partner. By empowering its partners, Zengin Media is dedicated to providing its partners with all of the tools they need to implement successful digital signage solutions.

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